Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog! Here you may observe some ideas I have for my next several posts in order to grasp what kind of material you may find here in the future:

  • How to use Catboost models in Clickhouse painlessly
  • How to use DVC like a pro
  • Tips on setting Gitlab CI for your next Machine Learning Project
  • Several article summaries (which I save in my bottomless bookmarks)
  • Tips on Catboost tuning

Also, right now I’m working on a pretty awesome Open Source Project, which (I hope) will be released in Q2-Q3 2021.

Hopefully, I will turn at least some of these plans into reality :)

For now, I’d like to invite you to read a little more about me and enjoy this adorable picture of a puppy:

Thank you for coming by! See you later)

Kirill Vasin
Kirill Vasin
DS Teamlead

Building real-life applications with machine learning