Kirill Vasin

Kirill Vasin

DS Teamlead



Since August 2020 I am leading a Data Science Team inside a Core Department in Semrush. My work includes but not limited to:

  • Managing a team of five people (DS and DE), supervising tasks, coordinating actions with other teams, getting into a code myself on a regular basis
  • Organizing workflow using LeanDS methodology
  • Creating an ML Strategy for products in the company


I have a master’s degree in Data Science and a bachelor’s degree in Financial Management. During my last year at University I had become so much fascinated with programming that I decided to start my own startup related to cryptocurrencies. I have spent about nine months building a multicurrency cryptowallet with Telegram messenger as an interface. Unfortunately, this venture was not successful since I had no actual idea how to deliver software products, and I was more interested in learning and building stuff than creating a viable business.

Right after receiving my master’s degree I have spent about half a year working as a freelance Python programmer and data scientist. During that period I realized that all the ML projects I participated in were lacking a lot of good practices which were coming as a normal state of things in software projects. So I jumped into studying the field of Reproducible ML and ML Pipelines and started applying ideas from there in my projects. By that time I joined SEMrush as a Data Scientist in a Core Department. Reproducible pipelines and applying of MLOps practices have proved to be very helpful in providing a business with effective ML-based solutions, so I gave talks on that topic on PiterPy 2019 and PyCon Belarus 2020 (talks were held in Russian language).


  • ML-based products
  • Building ML-processes
  • Meeting new people
  • Water sports
  • Running and yoga